Buy our house...

Go on, dare ya!

Hope you're well. Don't nick any of our stuff if you go to the open home.


This is my 100th post!

It's also a post to announce that I'm leaving the Classic Hits Night Show.

For the past three years, I'm been hosting this show and I can truly say, I've loved every minute of it. Doing a nationwide show has been an absolute honour, however, we all need new challenges every now and then don't we...

As of just after Easter, I will be the new Classic Hits 90FM Wellington Breakfast Host.

So I'm still on the same station, but instead of being on air in 26 markets doing a nightshow, I'll be in just one market doing a breakfast show and I'm VERY excited to be moving my family to Wellington, the place I was born and starting a new adventure in our lives.

My last night show will be this Sunday, March 18. TRN Management have agreed to give me three weeks holiday in which to move our lives from one end of the island to the other. After that, this blog will continue, however the focus will be on Wellington.

If you live outside of Wellington, I'm really going to miss you! The person who replaces me will be looking forward to hearing from you at night. You can still listen online if you're up early..

Oh, if you live IN Wellington. I can't wait to meet you!

Look at the state of it...

A case of animal neglect so bad it made an SPCA inspector of 35 years' experience retch is still being dealt with on a property between Woodville and Dannevirke.

This is the guy likely to be charged. Say no more!

I've finally made it!

Nothing beats getting your photo in the paper with Aunty Helen. Sure, lots of people have done it, but mostly they're other politicians or cute children. Until today...

That, dear reader, next to the PM, is MY arm. Although check out Mr Secret Security guy at the back there!