This is my 100th post!

It's also a post to announce that I'm leaving the Classic Hits Night Show.

For the past three years, I'm been hosting this show and I can truly say, I've loved every minute of it. Doing a nationwide show has been an absolute honour, however, we all need new challenges every now and then don't we...

As of just after Easter, I will be the new Classic Hits 90FM Wellington Breakfast Host.

So I'm still on the same station, but instead of being on air in 26 markets doing a nightshow, I'll be in just one market doing a breakfast show and I'm VERY excited to be moving my family to Wellington, the place I was born and starting a new adventure in our lives.

My last night show will be this Sunday, March 18. TRN Management have agreed to give me three weeks holiday in which to move our lives from one end of the island to the other. After that, this blog will continue, however the focus will be on Wellington.

If you live outside of Wellington, I'm really going to miss you! The person who replaces me will be looking forward to hearing from you at night. You can still listen online if you're up early..

Oh, if you live IN Wellington. I can't wait to meet you!


  1. Congratulations Mr Smart! Now for the show name...
    The Smart Breakfast?
    The Morning Brain-Freeze?
    The really late night show?


    The Classic Breakfast, with Dave Smart!??!?


  2. Trevor and VickiMarch 16, 2007

    all the best Dave.It have been a great pleasure listening to you,over the last three years..We will miss our chats on the phone .You have made the nightclub the best nightclub in N/Z.
    you will be sadly missed.

    All the best for the future.
    Will catch up next time im in Wellington.

  3. Good luck Dave, I know you will be missed. But what can I say. Wellington is a great Place.
    All the best to you and your family will catch you on the morning show when we are down your way.

  4. Or...
    Wellington's Classic Breakfast - the Smart way to to wake up!

    It shouldn't be too much mozarella for the conversative Welly folk :)

  5. I love the "Smart" way to wake up!

    Congrats Dave, well done! Will miss listening to you.

    Best of luck in the Capital and safe moving.

  6. So Mr Smart moves Cities and seats?

    well well. Do you get a Co hort in Crime or are you surviving on your Smarts Alone?

    the Bigger Question perhaps is does Dirty ol Debs keep you on the pay role in Cuba Street (After a suitable settling in period obviously)

    I'd wish you good luck but there is no point. I know how much you've been seeking a challenge, you could feel it in the "Didn't get drive" Blog"

    Do it.

    Brendon from Ash-Vegas
    (if you don't have a second how bout this lady?)