William December Williams

Played Lando Calrissian in the original Star Wars trilogy, and we got to talk to him. Funnily enough, almost the entire station's staff turned up to work early to say g'day to the man who sold out Han and Leia to Darth Vader. (Including that hairy fella in the back who we think is a sales rep's husband...)

Billy Dee Williams is also a man who has a movie and TV career spanning over 50 years, his own art hanging in the Smithsonian, a fragrance being released in his name and is VERY handsome for a man of 70!

I know the files are big, I'll reduce them in the next week or so. All our stuff arrives in Wellington on May 8th, we'll unpack our beds and clothes and get baby Sophie sorted and I'll get the studio up and running after that.

We love Hayley Westenra

She's cooler than cool, so nice, and seriously, lights up the room.

She also performed at the Cenotaph in Wellington this morning. Shame about THESE people, but life isn't always perfect and sometimes it's nice to be presented with an opportunity to tell someone to piss off.

Anyway, Hayley came in to talk to us, drew us a picture, demonstrated how she warms up and for some strange reason, came across just a little sad. Nothing serious, she just seemed tired and missing her home and family.

You can't blame her for that either.

Click here to listen. (6.3mb / 6.46)

Don S Davis

Played Major General Hammond in Stargate and we interviewed him on Friday just gone. He was a top notch guy, with an amazing voice and a helluva lot of fun to have on the show.

Click here to listen. (5.0mb / 5.24)

These files will be smaller once I have my studio set up in Wellington!

Kiwi icon..

Dragon play Wellington's Opera House on Thursday night and we spoke to Todd Hunter last week.

Click here to buy tickets.

So, here I am...

A Wellingtonian. (I was born here so I'm not just paying lip service.)

I've driven round suburbs to see where we'd like to live and been to open homes all over. The next thing to see is how much our house in Auckland sells for tonight so we know how much we can spend on a new one! I've also almost caused numerous accidents by not being used to Wellington's streets...

The hardest thing right now is being away from my girls. Anna and daughter Sophie won't move down until we have a house. We were all together for the weekend but they went home on Sunday, next time they come down, it'll be to move into the house we don't own yet!

I'm currently staying with my cousin and her daughter in Trentham which is better than the hotel room I was in last week! Just quietly, I've never eaten quite so many takeaway kebabs either.

So, the show... There are three of us.

Will Johnston is the show producer, he's almost a decade younger than me and very talented. His on air, organisation and production skills are second to none. He's going to go a long way.

Cohen Holloway is a lunatic. He is a master of impressions and characters and very, very funny.

We're still in the process of hiring a female influence for the show as well. As you can imagine, 3 guys without someone to keep them in line can get a bit smelly...

So we're doing it. A brand new radio show for Wellington. A bit hairy in these first few weeks as I get my head round a new way of doing things and we find our way round each other. We'll get there though!

Audio to come in the next few posts.

On air, Tuesday.

I've got to admit I've been a grumpy prick the last couple of days.

My wife, bless her, has been amazingly supportive and encourages me to bugger off when I get like this. It's just that limbo period where there's SO MUCH cool stuff about to happen, and sod all I can do to make it hurry along.

The show's skeleton is planned, but I can't do much more until the actual day. I could pack my bag for the next few weeks, but I'm too busy pacing with anticipation for Tuesday's show.

I suppose I could relax too - yeah right!

Anyway, the new webpage is up. Go HERE. (Make sure you select Wellington as your region, or you'll end up on another breakfast show. It's a bit like The Magician's Nephew jumping in pools from the Chronicles of Narnia in there when selecting regions.)

First show Tuesday, happy Easter!

Pinch and a pun.. wait. Never mind.

I actually saved this for today on purpose, wouldn't want you think I was cracking jokes at your expense!

Would you like to be my co-host?

Also, while we're here, it's our wedding anniversary! Two years today...