On air, Tuesday.

I've got to admit I've been a grumpy prick the last couple of days.

My wife, bless her, has been amazingly supportive and encourages me to bugger off when I get like this. It's just that limbo period where there's SO MUCH cool stuff about to happen, and sod all I can do to make it hurry along.

The show's skeleton is planned, but I can't do much more until the actual day. I could pack my bag for the next few weeks, but I'm too busy pacing with anticipation for Tuesday's show.

I suppose I could relax too - yeah right!

Anyway, the new webpage is up. Go HERE. (Make sure you select Wellington as your region, or you'll end up on another breakfast show. It's a bit like The Magician's Nephew jumping in pools from the Chronicles of Narnia in there when selecting regions.)

First show Tuesday, happy Easter!

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  1. trevor and vickiApril 07, 2007

    good luck for tuesday Dave.pity we cant hear you in chch while we are at work.