Pinch and a pun.. wait. Never mind.

I actually saved this for today on purpose, wouldn't want you think I was cracking jokes at your expense!

Would you like to be my co-host?

Also, while we're here, it's our wedding anniversary! Two years today...


  1. Toni and ScottApril 02, 2007

    Happy Wedding Anniverary!!!!!
    Hope there are many many more! Give my love to Anna and Sophie!

  2. Happy Anniversary to you both!

    Looking forward to hearing the all new Classic Breakfast after the Easter break.. *posts CV to TRN for co-host job*


  3. Trevor and VickiApril 03, 2007

    happy anniversary to the two of you.

    wishing you both all the happiness for many more years to come.

    Come on Dave,this pom will be your co-host.