What's your Geek Speak?

Everyone's got something geeky they're excited about. When I first got into radio, I'd cream myself over pictures of studios. I can spend hours talking about faders and channels, audio cards and automation systems. Kinda dorky but that's me. This is Dave and Camille's Classic Breakfast.

What's YOUR geek speak?

Where's Cohen?

A few people are starting to ask the question, "Where's Cohen and why has he been removed from the Classic Hits website?"

Cohen is still employed by us, he just works from home now. It's a little known fact that Cohen lives in Paraparaumu and drove into Wellington city every morning.

Dipak the dairy owner, Janice the transvestite nurse, Johnny Campbell and dear old Jim are still part of the show, Cohen just doesn't have to get up at 4.15 in the morning to come in anymore.

We miss him terribly, however we understand management's decision.

Meanwhile Cohen's team did exceptionally well in the Wellington Regional Finals of the 48 Hour Film Festival.

Team Good Times and their film Maori Detective and the Boogie Fever won:
  • Best Script
  • Best Actor (Cohen Holloway himself)
  • Best Actress (Darlene Mohekey)
  • Best Cinematography
  • Best Film
  • And the Instant Kiwi Most Thrilling Moment for the "Let's have a tangi" scene.
Good luck against the rest of the country! The Grand Final will be live on C4, 8:30PM on July 1st.

Ronery... So ronery...

After the magical world of my child's first birthday over the weekend, my wife and daughter are in Auckland for the week and I'm back in Wellington.

In the past this would have been exciting but something's changed.

Mates say, "Hey, you can starfish!" Nah. It's too cold and I'm foetaled up underneath the cats.

Others say, "Hey, you can go out and party, you've got a free pass!" Nah. I'm a 32 year old man who gets up for work at 4.30 in the morning.

In my youth I would have loved having the space to myself, I would have been walking round the house in the nude, drinking as much as I wanted and generally doing all the things I wouldn't normally.

Really, I'd just rather have my girls back.

Am I a sadarse or is this just one of those growing up things? I'm telling myself it's the latter and I think I'm right. Hangovers hurt more. Early bedtimes feel good and I've got a really good fire going right now.

The other issue is food. it's a fact that cooking for yourself is no fun. No matter how many times you go back to the fridge, nothing materialises from the almost empty space which was there before. Ok so there's plenty of milk and cheese, but there won't be by Wednesday. There's one Heineken in there too but I don't feel like it.

I might have cereal for dinner. At least that's harking back to my youth.

There's a rat in my toilet..

Well, behind the toilet. Cowering from the cat between the porcelain and the brush. Poor little bloke.

Caught him in a hush puppies box, dubbed him 'Ratty' and let him free in the bush behind our house...