Sophie walks!

Sophie Smart. 13 1/2 months old now, and while she can't quite walk on her own yet, she can cause carnage with a set of wheels!


I bought Anna a sewing machine for her birthday. Here's her first creation for Sophie. It's called a Harf. Half hat, half scarf. Good for cold Wellington days. Not a lot of actual sewing in there but you gotta start somewhere eh!

Hot Mama!

The people who are complaining about the Hot Milk / Breastmates pictures seriously need to get laid. How can the image of a pregnant woman be unsavoury when it's the base of our very existence?

My wife is pregnant, I think she's the most beautiful creature to walk this earth.

Anna thinks it's a boy, I'm reckoning another girl. For now, we call it the Bobbin. 9 1/2 weeks and counting. (That's a 9 1/2 week old foetus, not the soft porn flick ya perv...)

Boom boom tish!

We Will Rock You is coming to NZ, only Auckland mind, but it's one of those shows you'll want to travel for.

Here's the blurb:

We Will Rock You, the musical by Queen and Ben Elton is an electrifying show that’s guaranteed to blow your mind.

We Will Rock You is an enormous multi million dollar musical featuring stunning costumes, sets and lighting. The multi talented international cast includes New Zealand’s pop princess Annie Crummer as the Killer Queen and rock star INXS finalist Miguel Ayesa, who reprises his West End success, in the starring role of Gallileo.

We Will Rock You is a futurist adventure set in the year 2350, a time when live music is banned on earth, but the kids are in rebellion, fighting against the all powerful Globalsoft Corporation which controls their lives and feeds them a diet of synthesized pop.

We Will Rock You features 24 of Queen’s legendary hits including Bohemian Rhapsody, We Are The Champions, Radio Ga Ga, Another One Bites The Dust and Crazy Little Thing Called Love.

Our Annie Crummer will be playing the role of the Killer Queen, and in her words, she's the nastiest beeartch you've ever met.

We had a yak to her the other day and played her new song - a cover of Another One Bites the Dust. She's great, and so's the song!

Sophie can stand!

So I’ve figured out how to record with the webcam and managed to get a short vid of Soph standing. She’s actually stood on her own for longer than this but as is the law of Murphy, she’ll never do it within reach of the PC. Check out my little bean.

Beautiful daughter, must take after her mother.

Proud Dad out.

Thirsty Merc

Aussie band. You know them eh. Songs like In the Summertime and Someday Someday are all over the radio. Meantime, their new song 20 Good Reasons is currently being used as a TV2 Promo song. This is where they play a song that tugs at the heartstrings and show images of Grey's Anatomy and the like.

Rai and Phil came in to the Classic Hits studio last week to have a yak and play the song for us.

Click here to listen. (3.23 / 3.1mb)

The Mockers are back!

The album's called, "Woke up today. The Definitive Collection" and arrived in stores on June 29.

I remember my first Mockers tape. I used two tape recorders facing each other. My cousin's 'real' Mockers tape was in one, and I had a blank C-90 recording in the other. If you listen really closely, you can hear my Mum talking in the background of some of the tracks.

This is the first time that all of these songs have been available on CD. Give it a lash and see if it brings back memories of your youth. Even better, introduce a kid to the Mockers and see what they reckon. A lot of us are at the age now, that our parents were back then when they were playing us Neil Diamond and Hooked on Classics and telling us that their music was so much better than ours...

1. Woke Up Today
2. Good Old Days
3. Forever Tuesday Morning
4. Cleopatra
5. Swear It’s True
6. Alvison Park
7. After The Rain
8. One Black Friday
9. Another Day
10. Trendy Lefties
11. Murder In Manners St
12. Far From The Maddening Crowd
13. A Winter’s Tale
14. New Day Dawning
15. Seven Years Not Wasted
16. Phone Call At Midnight
17. Sleeping Through My Storm
18. Another Boring Day In The Amazon
19. Shield Yourself

Gareth Curtis from the Mockers came in on June 29 to have a yak about the new album. To listen, click here. (3.21/3.1mb)


Go. See. It.

My wife actually saw it before me and raved so much that I had to see for myself. Partway through, I realised that I hadn’t moved for 20 minutes and my mouth had been open all that time. Brilliant.

Here’s a quote from imdb:

I have just come back from a preview screening in Wellington New Zealand & I can tell you now that this movie raises the bar on all before it - the story , special effects , acting , pacing were all top notch but oh my god the action was non stop ! . I went to the movie not knowing much about the history of transformers & now I have been transformed " this movie is the best so far this year by quite a margin " , go see it you won't be disappointed " not at all " . One of the things I liked was the humor & it worked very well in the context of the film - there was allot of laugh out loud moments , People just wait till the end climax of the film it is the most awesome special effects action sequence ever put together on film. This movie is 10/10 no question about that.

Other cool, and interesting things.

  • The guy who voiced Bumblebee, was Mark Ryan who played Nasir on Robin of Sherwood, remember? He was the cool one with two swords.
  • According to one of the CGI artists that created the animated robots at ILM, if you took all the polygons (CGI building blocks) from all the autobots and decepticon models they created at the studio, and strung them end to end, they'd reach to the moon and back and you'd still have enough left over to build the coliseum in Rome two times.
  • It took approximately 38 hours to render one frame of the CGI animation to portray the Transformers.
Richard Phelps wrote about it back in Feb, although he failed to mention the eye candy.