Go. See. It.

My wife actually saw it before me and raved so much that I had to see for myself. Partway through, I realised that I hadn’t moved for 20 minutes and my mouth had been open all that time. Brilliant.

Here’s a quote from imdb:

I have just come back from a preview screening in Wellington New Zealand & I can tell you now that this movie raises the bar on all before it - the story , special effects , acting , pacing were all top notch but oh my god the action was non stop ! . I went to the movie not knowing much about the history of transformers & now I have been transformed " this movie is the best so far this year by quite a margin " , go see it you won't be disappointed " not at all " . One of the things I liked was the humor & it worked very well in the context of the film - there was allot of laugh out loud moments , People just wait till the end climax of the film it is the most awesome special effects action sequence ever put together on film. This movie is 10/10 no question about that.

Other cool, and interesting things.

  • The guy who voiced Bumblebee, was Mark Ryan who played Nasir on Robin of Sherwood, remember? He was the cool one with two swords.
  • According to one of the CGI artists that created the animated robots at ILM, if you took all the polygons (CGI building blocks) from all the autobots and decepticon models they created at the studio, and strung them end to end, they'd reach to the moon and back and you'd still have enough left over to build the coliseum in Rome two times.
  • It took approximately 38 hours to render one frame of the CGI animation to portray the Transformers.
Richard Phelps wrote about it back in Feb, although he failed to mention the eye candy.

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