Rat! Part two. Return of the rat.

Even though this isn't the first time, we don't live in a rat infested house. We just have a rat loving cat. Here's where I caught him in the dining room.

This is the mess I had to make in the lounge to catch him.

That orange fella there isn't the hunter, he was hiding. This here is the furry rat eater.

Quality children's programming...

But not very edgumacational. See how many spelling and grammatical errors you can spot from this TV3 website story...

Poor little bugger

Ouch. However, I don’t think we can say that the Chinese made pyjamas caused this. I think perhaps the fire caused the fire. Little Jack was sitting too close to the gas heater.

Hey Mums and Dads and kids, here's a lesson: Getting close to fire causes burns whether you're wearing your jammy jims or a wetsuit...

Should we ban trees because firewood comes from trees? Should we ban sun because a small minority don't use sunscreen?

How about we teach our kids about the consequences of their actions? It could work here too.

Wiping asses and taking names

I used to be a young man. I used to drink a lot and party and chase girls and ride my motorbike way too fast. They were what I considered 'important pastimes.'

Now, I'm more into making cups of tea for my pregnant wife, trying to teach my daughter to walk and to climb down stairs backwards. I'm about lighting a good fire at night and paying the bills. My attention has also been drawn to a website called noodads.

From the blurb:

"We were started by 2 guys who realized fumbling through fatherhood did not have to be a solitary experience. Whether we forgot to put vaseline on the diaper, dressed our kids in dirty outfits, or put entire playhouses together incorrectly, we took solace in knowing we weren't alone in our plight. We are not experts and should not be taken as such. We are simply a bunch of guys that love our kids, love and respect our spouses, and are willing to share acquired knowledge."

Check it out, it's refreshing, manly and interesting enough to women that it won't have them rolling their eyes.

Clive James is coming to Wellington

I've got to be honest, this irrepressible legend scared the crap out of me. I have so much respect for the man for the career he's had, the entertainer he is and the fact that he's such a great interviewer...

How would we go interviewing him?

To find out,
click here to have a listen and if you want to see the show on Friday September 21 at the Westpac St James, click here for tickets.

The lies that casually well dressed men tell...

Is anyone fooled by the men’s fashion of t shirt over long sleeved shirt?

You know we’re lying to you eh, you know we didn’t choose a long sleeve shirt and just casually throw an old t shirt over the top eh?

Here’s a little secret: The shirts are sewn together when we buy them.

They’re made to look like that because we’re men. We can’t match colours. We can’t match fabrics. To look this good, we actually buy the shirts premade.

This is the lie we tell our peers, our friends and our families and we’re sorry.

The short sleeve over long sleeve shirt is a hustle. We’re scamming you. Not in a Nigerian-email-going-to-fleece-you-for-all-your-money way, but in an-inflate-your-job-title-on-a-cv-kinda-way.

It’s looking good without putting the effort in because there's no point in putting effort into looking effortlessly casual.

Lookalikes #24

Watching C4's Countdown of 70s Classics tonight, (flicking channels in the ads of Runaway Jury) and we came across Rod Stewart.

Jordan Luck was also watching it and came to a sudden realisation...