The lies that casually well dressed men tell...

Is anyone fooled by the men’s fashion of t shirt over long sleeved shirt?

You know we’re lying to you eh, you know we didn’t choose a long sleeve shirt and just casually throw an old t shirt over the top eh?

Here’s a little secret: The shirts are sewn together when we buy them.

They’re made to look like that because we’re men. We can’t match colours. We can’t match fabrics. To look this good, we actually buy the shirts premade.

This is the lie we tell our peers, our friends and our families and we’re sorry.

The short sleeve over long sleeve shirt is a hustle. We’re scamming you. Not in a Nigerian-email-going-to-fleece-you-for-all-your-money way, but in an-inflate-your-job-title-on-a-cv-kinda-way.

It’s looking good without putting the effort in because there's no point in putting effort into looking effortlessly casual.


  1. Please the lie could associate from a photo true! The above are a t shirt and a shirt sepatari and colors of blue and green decretati trend by authoritative offices proposed for this reason

  2. With all due respect, that comment was so ESOL it was even harder to read than spam.