Wiping asses and taking names

I used to be a young man. I used to drink a lot and party and chase girls and ride my motorbike way too fast. They were what I considered 'important pastimes.'

Now, I'm more into making cups of tea for my pregnant wife, trying to teach my daughter to walk and to climb down stairs backwards. I'm about lighting a good fire at night and paying the bills. My attention has also been drawn to a website called noodads.

From the blurb:

"We were started by 2 guys who realized fumbling through fatherhood did not have to be a solitary experience. Whether we forgot to put vaseline on the diaper, dressed our kids in dirty outfits, or put entire playhouses together incorrectly, we took solace in knowing we weren't alone in our plight. We are not experts and should not be taken as such. We are simply a bunch of guys that love our kids, love and respect our spouses, and are willing to share acquired knowledge."

Check it out, it's refreshing, manly and interesting enough to women that it won't have them rolling their eyes.

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