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We always said that my wife Anna wouldn’t work while Sophie was a baby. We’re lucky to be in a position where she didn’t have to. Over the past few months however, Anna has discovered the joys of part time work. She’s doing it simply for the adult time and is getting so much out of it.

Up until she took on half a dozen hours a week her life has been Giggles and Wiggles, playcentre, playgroup, coffee mornings and walks. So to have adult conversations and impart some of the huge knowledge she has (she’s teaching) has been great.

It’s also good for me, she works a couple of afternoons per week when I’ve finished work and I get Daddy-Daughter time. To add to that, yesterday and today, Anna’s been on a course So I’ve had Sophie for two full days in a row. Nappies, feeding, playing, napping, feeding, chasing, wiping nose, wiping tears, nappies, feeding, etc...

I’m lucky that the Radio Network is quite relaxed on workplace behaviour. We have toys in our studio for kids to play with and there’s always something silly going on. As an aside, yesterday morning, some of the lads from ZM, our sister station were having a strong man competition outside the Classic Hits studio door. Turns out that Grant Kereama can carry a producer, a Thunder Driver and an intern on his back and still walk ok.

Day two of Anna’s course and after dropping her in town this morning, Soph and I went for a walk round Oriental Bay and she got sick of being pushed in the stroller so insisted on pushing the stroller herself for about 500 metres. She can’t actually walk without holding onto something yet, even though she’s 15 months old as of yesterday – I’m not worried, she will eventually. She also waved at nearly every runner, car and homeless person.

Dad time is so important, and you may have seen some of the worthy press that a new website called is getting. It's a new Wellington based website for Dads.

Here's Camille and I talking to Stefan, one of the site's creators. (Dur: 2.25 / 2.2mb)

Daddy Day Care out.

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