The Topp Twins are back!

From time to time we do interviews in the studio that we have to edit the bejesus out of to fit them into the show, this was the case with the Topp Twins.

They're on a nationwide tour right now, their first since Jools was diagnosed and treated for breast cancer. We had a ball with these two icons of kiwiana so here's the whole lot in all its unedited glory.

Click here to listen. (23 mins / 7mb)

Ok, now THIS is funny!

Click the pic to see it bigger.


Had a run in with the TRN roller door and knocked the spoiler off the company car.

We also talked about it on air and it turns out I'm not the only one who has done something silly with a car!

Click here to listen (DUR: 5.16 / 5.1mb)


I just don't see the point in myspace anymore. There were 179 people on there which I knew maybe a third of. They weren't doing anything, I wasn't doing anything, we were all just existing in a space.

They call it myspace but I wasn't using it so I gave it back. Someone else can have that space. Problem is, I tried to quit but I can't. It says follow the instructions in the email you'll recieve shortly and the email hasn't come. I'm stuck in myspace. I don't want to be there yet I can't leave, it won't actually let me!

Meh, I guess the internet is full of defunct stuff now.

Look for me on facebook. That looks like it might be fun for the next few months, at least the people on your friends list actually KNOW who you are.