Celeb lookalikes #14

Retired American Judge Anthony Wartnik was on Close Up last night talking about Foetal Alcohol Syndrome.

Or was it actually this guy?

Atlas - the band

Sean and Beth from Atlas came in yesterday to yak and play their new song Magic Eight for us.

A weekend's work...

This is most of the bush that my father in law and I removed from my place yesterday and today.

This is the path and handrail we found. Agapanthus is a bastard.

This is the bush that remains, plus the last lot of rubbish we're still to take down to put on top of the garage for the greenbin men to get.

As someone who sits in a studio looking at screens, playing songs and talking, I have new respect for those who do physical labour for a crust. The immense satisfaction of seeing the result of your days work is hard to beat and hard work makes your lunch taste so much better.

It's a good social thing too, we met two neighbours we didn't know we had. One was even in her pyjamas and got a hell of a fright as we burst through the bushline shouting, "Eureka!"

My mate Carl came up with a great idea

As a follow on from Movember, men should let their mos grow and let December become Decembeard. Just leave the mo in place and fill in the gaps around it.

I think it’s inspired, we could even continue into the new year, and then the women could join us for Januhairy. Them on into Puberuary and so on...

We’d be paying homage to our apeage. Our hairy arse forefathers who wore even less than Blanketman. Neanderthal men who ran round spearing byson, making stone adzes and dragging their womenfolk by the hair into caves.

We could grow Carl Haymanesque whiskers, or mighty beards in the style of Santa, maybe long and silver Miyagi inspired goatees, or perhaps as little as some George Michael stubble, or, as it’s getting into barbeque season, some solid Elvis chops.

If you think this is a good idea, go right ahead. Credit Dave’s mate Carl.

FYI, I’m not actually doing this. My wife won’t let me.

Lots of news about activists at the moment...

Look, I don't have a problem with folks who speak their mind, however there's a big gap between speaking your mind and being an activist.

Activists are people who think they know better than everyone else, and often think that they ARE better than everyone else.

There's a fine line been activism and bullying.

Never trust a quiet toddler

Or they'll be into the wipes, the little buggers.

Oh, that's just water in the squirt bottle there, don't be thinking we leave spray and wipe out like that!

It's a boy!

Well, he’s a boy. Anna as you may already know is pregnant again and we’re having a son.

When we got married I’d walk round, trying on the phrase, “This is my wife..” or, “It’s her husband here..” Then when Sophie came along, it was, “My daughter..”

It’s kind of like trying on the phrase for size. Seeing how it fits. Looking at it in the mirror, wearing it with pride.

I am a father and it feels good.

Now I get to do it again, because William David Guille Smart, little brother for Sophie Maria Guille Smart will be born on or around Feb 14 2008.

So I can say, “My son...” and enjoy the feeling of immense achievement that it gives me.

You can say that it’s my wife that will do all the work to bring him into the world and you’d be right. However, I’m not going to back down from the wonderful feeling of being a happily married man with two kids.

It’s just, right somehow.