It's a boy!

Well, he’s a boy. Anna as you may already know is pregnant again and we’re having a son.

When we got married I’d walk round, trying on the phrase, “This is my wife..” or, “It’s her husband here..” Then when Sophie came along, it was, “My daughter..”

It’s kind of like trying on the phrase for size. Seeing how it fits. Looking at it in the mirror, wearing it with pride.

I am a father and it feels good.

Now I get to do it again, because William David Guille Smart, little brother for Sophie Maria Guille Smart will be born on or around Feb 14 2008.

So I can say, “My son...” and enjoy the feeling of immense achievement that it gives me.

You can say that it’s my wife that will do all the work to bring him into the world and you’d be right. However, I’m not going to back down from the wonderful feeling of being a happily married man with two kids.

It’s just, right somehow.


  1. Alright for Billy D!

    Saying "My Son" is a satisfying phrase indeed :)

  2. WOO HOO you are having a boy! What a perfect mix with the little Soph.
    That scan is so cool...... I wish I was not going overseas so I could meet him next year!


  3. trevor and vickiNovember 09, 2007

    good on you two.
    we are so pleased for you.keep us informed of Anna's progress.