A weekend's work...

This is most of the bush that my father in law and I removed from my place yesterday and today.

This is the path and handrail we found. Agapanthus is a bastard.

This is the bush that remains, plus the last lot of rubbish we're still to take down to put on top of the garage for the greenbin men to get.

As someone who sits in a studio looking at screens, playing songs and talking, I have new respect for those who do physical labour for a crust. The immense satisfaction of seeing the result of your days work is hard to beat and hard work makes your lunch taste so much better.

It's a good social thing too, we met two neighbours we didn't know we had. One was even in her pyjamas and got a hell of a fright as we burst through the bushline shouting, "Eureka!"

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  1. Good effort by you and your father in law Dave, well done.