Introducing Dermott Sweeney....

You don't get any more Irish than that name do you? And he's a ginge as well.

He's a born and bred Wellingtonian, although his last gig was as a creative writer at More FM Taupo. He says he was Creative Director and since there was only one writer there, him, I guess that is technically correct.

I've met him a couple of times here and there and apparently gave him drunken advice, then ran into him the other day, found out he wasn't working and he came and sat in with me this morning. We get on good, we can help each other out. I need someone to work with me short term, he likes money.

Dermott will be joining me on air from Monday in a Producer / Co-Host role and when Camille gets back, he'll probably get fired.

Disrespecting the debt...

I talked about this on air last week and didn’t think much more of it. Then yesterday, a chap from an opposition radio station said he heard me talking about it and that it was a really good point so I might as well share it here too.

I was having a chat with a fella at work who is maybe 23, 24 and just bought his first home. Pretty unheard of behaviour considering recent articles.

He said, “Houses are still affordable, the problem is that the majority of people have got their priorities all wrong, buying flash wheels for their cars and spending large on their credit cards.”

He was also talking about HPs, flat screen tellys, eating out and the like and I reckon he could be onto something.

“Passing the blame on house prices and high interest rates is totally unproductive. Instead study your bank statement and you will discover who is to blame.” He went on to say, “Think about all those consolidation loans and takeaways and Sky TV and cellphones, et al. The I want and I can borrow attitude of kiwis is the problem.”

This guy is nearly ten years younger than me and he has it way more together than I did at his age.
He’ll do well.

Wellington is fabulous!

Not many of us in Wellington get the NZ Herald, I do every now and then and I found something really cool.

Pride? Yep. Not bad for what is essentially an Auckland paper.

Mum's on the radio...

Dad's on the radio...

Better get 20 month old daughter Sophie on the radio...

Click here to hear perhaps the sweetest voice to ever speak into a microphone...

What? Good weather in Wellington?!

No-one believes how good the weather was been in Wellington over the long weekend. Although as I write this, it's back to blowing like a bastard and raining.

Glad we got our paddling pool time in yesterday then!

A day for Sir Edmund

There's already a Facebook group, get on it if you're a Facebook type. May 29 should be a date celebrated by all New Zealanders.

I met Sir Ed at Eden Park watching some cricket, we were in the Sky TV Corporate Box, he was next door in the BNZ Corporate Box. A few of us with a couple of beers under our belts got up the courage to go next door and got him to sign our $5 dollar notes, he laughed and obliged. Sir Richard Hadlee was there too, he thought we were idiots and looking back, we probably were. Still, we had a chance to say g'day to the great man and have a laugh with him.

Here's a wee audio tribute to Sir Ed I made last night.

Ain't love grand?

I've spoken to Yulia once or twice since she arrived in New Zealand from Russia, she was introduced and sang at our Classic Hits bootcamp about 4 years ago and all the chaps thought she was quite hot. We spoke when she became a New Zealand citizen a couple of years back as well.

I've also met Glyn, her Manager. He had to remind me of that though as I was drunk at the time, he assures me however that I wasn't obnoxious or nude which I can tend to get when drinking.

Well, our Yulia and Glyn are all loved up now and they dropped by for a bit of a chat on the show this morning and we played her new song.

Have a listen. (9.45 / 2.9mb)

Oh, Pretty...

Credit to Jayce who knows a thing or two about photoshop and made Sophie look even more amazing than this Dad thinks she is already.