Joseph David Guille Smart

Our wee boy was born at 4.54am on Tuesday February 19, 2008. Good weight too, 4.06 kilos or just a whisker under 9 pound!

He’ll most like be known as Joe, a nickname that Dave and his Grandad have shared with each other for as long as they can remember, David for his Dad and Anna’s Dad and Guille is a family name passed down all the Marsden line.

Anna’s doing great, it was a long but normal delivery, it took him about a minute to work out how to feed and we’re now at home and they're both asleep. Sophie loves her baby brother and the grandparents are smitten too.

Oh, my phone has crapped out so use Anna’s or the home phone or email to get in touch, although please excuse us while we keep to ourselves for a few days as we get our head round having two kids!

All’s well. More photos later, see you soon.

The Smart Family.

Dave, Anna, Sophie and Joseph. x


  1. Hey Guys

    Congratulations Dave and Anna

    What a beautiful baby.

    Anna,make sure Dave gets upto Joseph at

    Take care guys and chat soon

    Trevro and Vicki

  2. Thanks guys and look at the time you made your post, exactly 12 hours to the minute after he was born!

  3. Hey Smarty/Anna, I did ring and leave a message earlier but after reading this, you probably won't get it with a crapped out phone - It was just along the lines of Congratulations and glad all is well. :) Best wishes, AndyG.

  4. Christine JefferyFebruary 19, 2008

    Congrats to all of you! So glad Joe is here and that all went smoothly! Can't wait to meet the wee chap!

  5. Elizabeth Anne PatersonFebruary 19, 2008

    awwww he looks gorgeous! Congrats!

  6. a whisker under 9 pound! Geez Anna you deserve a medal!!!

    He is absolutely delicious.

    love from the McDowalls