More photos of our wee man...

Joe's now more than 12 hours old and doing great. Mum and Dad have been able to get some sleep and everyone's feeling just a little more human!

Joseph David Guille Smart who shares his birthday with:

His great Aunty Sue. (Dave's Aunty)
His Dad's Co-hosts son. (James Guzzwell)
Copernicus. (Clever but well dead astronomy dude)
Tim Shadbolt. (Mayor of Invercargill)
Seal and Falco. (One named singers)
Prince Andrew. (Duke of York)

Huge thanks to Dr. Michel Sangalli, and, ok, they were either nurses or midwifes, Christina and Alexandra (we couldn't tell, they were all wearing the same coloured scrubs -
but they were great anyway) at Wellington Hospital. While we like to take the piss out of the huckery old set of falling down buildings that make up Wellington Hospital, we could not have been in better care.


  1. Wow, so alert! Look at that little face! He looks just like his daddy with a pinch of his mummy :D

  2. A pinch of his Mummy is how this all started!

  3. Congratulations to you and your wife (and daughter) Dave! :)
    Bet Anna's glad it's over and feeling a bit better now!

  4. Courtenay WashingtonFebruary 23, 2008

    you make good looking midgets Smartypants

  5. Kerry O'Nanski BrookerFebruary 26, 2008

    he is adorable!!! Congratulations!!