I am currently...

Surviving being a father of two. My wife is doing wonders with both children, I am constantly in awe of how she does the kid wrangling, nose wiping, nappy changing and night feeding when I’m not there. It’s hard enough when both of us are about.

Worrying about my Grandad who isn’t a well man at all.

Wondering when our first fire of the year is going to be.

Trying to remember to send out the thank you cards that have been in my bag for two days.

Still waiting for my cellphone to be fixed and I still have no numbers in the loan phone. What did we do before cellphones again?

Waiting to see if we’ve been nominated for a radio award. We find this out on March 19.

Halfway through a certain time of year in the radio industry which happens twice a year which I’m not allowed to talk about while it’s on for fear of skewing the results. Results which will be released on April 11.

Trying to get hold of a Shure SM48 or SM58 microphone either free or really cheap.

Beginning first discussions about when co-host Camille will rejoin the show.

Going to bed.

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  1. Ill ask Scott about the Shure mics, him and his brother both use them extensively, so may be able to find you a deal or have a freebee spare . . . . .