Radio vs iPod

A lot of folk are arguing this way and that way about radio vs the iPod and what effect the iPod will have on radio stations which play music. There’s talk now about people paying more for their iPod but getting unlimited music for free.

Mark Ramsay who knows his broadcasting says,

" iPod owners - who have always shown a willingness to meet Apple's hardware price, no matter what it is - will have one-click access to almost every song they could ever want - for free.

What do you call an infinite supply of your favorite music rotating in playlists for free?

I call it radio. And as anyone who has ever visited a buffet knows, when it's one price for "all you can eat," you always eat more."

Yeah, but you don't always eat at a buffet. It's nice once in a while but not every night, it can get a bit 'same same'. Most meals still get eaten at home and you kids can take those headphones out while you're sitting at the table please.

I have a Walkman and a Discman sitting broken in the bottom of my box of spare cords and plugs. Will my iPod end up in there with all the other junk I accumulate over the next 20 years?

There will be an effect, particularly on stations which broadcast to younger markets, but not as much of an effect as some anti radio doomsayers predict. Radio will adapt as it always has done.

What form that adaptation will take I don’t know. Who could have predicted iPods back in the 90s or earlier? And if iPods are what we have now, can we even imagine what the future will be?

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