More impressions...

Sophie does some great impressions, you should hear her monster noise. Cripes it's good. She does an excellent ambulance too. Here she is being a fly...

Matthew Armstrong

Him in the background there, he was Ted Sprague in Heroes and he was the guy with HIV stalking House on House M.D. He's also in Wellington and came to see us this morning. Friendliest guy you ever met, in fact, he even wanted a photo with us on his camera!

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Another ratings survey...

We’ve just come out of another survey period, a weird one to be fair. Camille left to have a baby just before Christmas so it’s been a two thirds show... Me as per and the magnificent all rounder that is Dermott.

We were expecting to go down in the ratings because we’d messed with the show, I’d said all along I’d be ecstatic if we held onto our listeners and not surprised with a drop. See, Dermott is good but he’s not Camille and the show is Camille and I. Still, we managed to surprise ourselves and here’s the two main positive points from this book.

Classic Hits Wellington now has 40 thousand listeners, nearly 7000 more than last time and our Breakfast Show had increases in our two main targets – 25-44 and 25-54.

Here‘s last year's 10+ cume*: (Courtesy Research International, November 2007)

And here’s this year: (Courtesy Research International, April 2008)

*Cume is thousands of people listening so we've gone from 33,200 listeners up to 40,000 and moved from 6th place to 4th place. It's a good result. Thing is with ratings though, you can break them down any way you want and get a good figure somewhere. There are figures which show us even better than this but this is the easiest to read. These two lists show how many people listen to each station.

This means heaps to the radio nerds who read this blog, however if it doesn’t mean much, it doesn’t matter. Most people don’t care about what sort of market share their supermarket has either, they just care that the prices are good, they can find a park and they know their way round the aisles.

Wifey’s got her mojo back

Anna said to me a couple of weeks back, “Y’know, I wouldn’t mind getting back on air.” and as it turns out, our Saturday breakfast host went OE at the start of the year and Saturdays have been shared between the Programme Director and the Presentation Co-ordinator and both of them were keen to salvage some of their weekends back.

So, Anna Smart, Classic Hits 90FM, Saturdays 6am – 10am and you can listen live here. I’m very proud and a little nervous, she’ll be fine of course and has done two shows already but I’ll have to look after both kids on my own on Saturday mornings from this weekend on...

Silly faces after bathtime...

This face actually came out of the mock shock look you give a little one when they fart, now it's Dad and Soph's 'thing' and we pull this face dozens of times a day.

Suzi Quatro

Wikipedia says Suzi Quatro (born Susan Kay Quatrocchio, June 3 1950 in Detroit Michigan.) is an American singer-songwriter, musician, radio personality and actress.

She also calls it like it is so we ended up with a wonderfully blunt, honest interview with her.

You can listen to this two ways. You can play the 3 minute radio edit or you can listen to the 9 minute unedited version. We played the short version this morning because in a breakfast show, you just don't have the time to go all out. The long version comes with all the gaps and accidental awkward moments.

Click here to listen to the edit. (DUR: 3.16 / SIZE: 1.86mb)
Click here to listen to the raw (DUR: 9.05 / SIZE: 5.6mb)

If they don't play straight away, right click to download.