Second Hand Wedding

It's a new kiwi movie, being released in cinemas across the country on May 15. Here's the press release blurb...

Geraldine Brophy shines in her role as bargain-hunting junkie, Jill. Most remembered for her role as Moira Crombie from New Zealand’s best loved drama Shortland Street. Multi talented Geraldine is also heavily involved in the New Zealand theatre scene with directing, producing and acting. In her subsequent 22 years in the industry she has played more than 150 roles on stage.

Second Hand Wedding also stars Grant Roa from Whale Rider and Patrick Wilson alongside rising New Zealand talents Holly Shanahan and Ryan O’Kane.

Geraldine and Holly came in to see us this morning!

Click here to listen. (DUR: 5.12 / 1.6mb)

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  1. Tis a good movie for those who want to go see it. Locally made on the Kapiti coast and finished here in Wellington.

    Well worth the price of admission!