Warm feet and wet heads...

We're getting a heatpump! Well, $$ permitting. Can't stand this cold business, the fire is ok but we want to be able to warm up more than just the small bit of lounge in front of the flames. I'm sitting here in a fleece and a beanie and my knees are still cold.

Meantime, the boy gets Christened on Sunday, young fulla has to get his God WOF if he wants to make his way in the big tough world...

Here’s Soph when she got hers, I can't believe how small and bald she was.

Lesson 3, toddlers 101...

Don't run on concrete with your hands in your pockets, no matter how cold it is. This is a lesson for Soph and Dad because it was the two of them larking about outside Te Papa.

She faceplanted cos she couldn't break the fall with her hands. Bless though, she can still crack a smile.

Joey supports his team...

It's just a cute photo, that's all. Our wee fulla will be 5 months old on Saturday.

Tony Veitch

I got an email asking why we haven't talked about Tony Veitch much on air this week. There's been a bit but we haven't gone all rabid gossip and speculation on it like other stations have.

My problem is that I know Tony. Not hugely well, we're aquaintances at best. However I know him well enough that he calls me by my nickname and we've been out drinking in a group together on the odd occasion. Up until this, I've really liked the guy, although I haven't actually spoken to him in about 18 months.

The reason why I haven't talked about it much is that I've never been close to a situation like this. If it was a name I didn't recognise, it wouldn't be such a big deal. Appalling, but if you don't relate to the person, you quickly forget. How do you deal with a situation like this when you know the person? They didn't teach us this in 4th form social studies.

I'm in the "I'm not angry, I'm just disappointed that this has happened but it's really none of my business" camp. I've got other things that are more important to me. What he did doesn't actually affect me or the people who are important to me.

I hope this all ends soon, and I hope that the people directly involved can heal and move on. In the meantime, if he gets the arse from the company that he and I both work for, the most important things for those who have worked with him are, who gets his carpark and has he got any cool stationery on his desk worth nicking.

Just a typical weekend...

I was looking at my blog and realised that I haven't written much in a while. I got to wondering, why? I put it down to being busy and not having time, then I realised about 5 minutes later that I'd just buggerised round for 5 minutes randomly clicking so I may as well just write something.

On Saturday, I had to work at the kids fair at the TSB Arena, good fun and nice to be able to take the family along to one of our promos. Running round like a madman on a stage with Camille for a couple of hours was fun, I still don't quite get the phenomenon that is 'speed stacking' but hey, I was into some weird stuff when I was a kid too.

Saturday night was the All Blacks vs South Africa and Camille's husband and I went along, I drove to their place and took the train in. Thank Christ for north facing seats - it was bloody cold! Long Johns are a wonderful invention. Superb game though. Only one South African in our area got booted out.

I got home a bit after ten and poor Anna was having a hell of a time with snotfaced kids. We're all a bit sick to be fair, so I was handed the young fulla - he's 4 1/2 months old now - and told to feed him why she tried to catch some kip. He sucked his bottle and we watched Planet of the Apes together. Good father / son bonding time. He then proceeded to wake every two hours through the night there after.

Went to a 2 year old's birthday party at the Karori Playcentre today, Sophie's mate Arthur. They ran round and played with playdough and ate saveloys and fairy bread. Now both kids are finally asleep. We love our children. And when they're sick, we love them more when they're snoozing.

We're going out to Queensgate this afternoon to window shop and be warm.

Saves lighting the fire.