Tony Veitch

I got an email asking why we haven't talked about Tony Veitch much on air this week. There's been a bit but we haven't gone all rabid gossip and speculation on it like other stations have.

My problem is that I know Tony. Not hugely well, we're aquaintances at best. However I know him well enough that he calls me by my nickname and we've been out drinking in a group together on the odd occasion. Up until this, I've really liked the guy, although I haven't actually spoken to him in about 18 months.

The reason why I haven't talked about it much is that I've never been close to a situation like this. If it was a name I didn't recognise, it wouldn't be such a big deal. Appalling, but if you don't relate to the person, you quickly forget. How do you deal with a situation like this when you know the person? They didn't teach us this in 4th form social studies.

I'm in the "I'm not angry, I'm just disappointed that this has happened but it's really none of my business" camp. I've got other things that are more important to me. What he did doesn't actually affect me or the people who are important to me.

I hope this all ends soon, and I hope that the people directly involved can heal and move on. In the meantime, if he gets the arse from the company that he and I both work for, the most important things for those who have worked with him are, who gets his carpark and has he got any cool stationery on his desk worth nicking.

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