Finn Marsden

I first met Finn when I was picking up Anna for a date very early in our courtship. He was a big old black lab who didn’t look unlike a coffee table when he was lying down.

Anna and her friends had “The Finn Test’ which meant prospective boyfriends had to go to the family home and meet Finn. If Finn liked the boy and the boy liked Finn, he was suitable for a second date.

Anna says that I spent more time with Finn that day than with her. She’s now my wife.

Finn lived a great old life with Anna’s parents in Epsom. The dog ranger used to find him at the top of the drive in the sun. Whenever he was taken for a walk, the cats would come too.

Finn was a good dog, and a very old dog. He was born on March 19 1992 and shuffled off on the 26th of August 2008.

Godspeed old man.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear that! It's always hard to lose an old, loyal friend.

  2. So Sorry to hear about Finn .He looks a nice ole fella.but every dog has his day ..