Hello Kapiti...

Tomorrow we go into Kapiti for the rest of the week.

Story is, Phil Costello who is the host of the Classic Hits Kapiti breakfast show also does the odd overnight show on Newstalk ZB. It's not fair to get him to start at midnight, host talkback til 6am and then do a breakfast show so we're filling in for him. It works quite well because when Camille and I are away, Phil fills in for us so it's only fair that we return the favour.

Pooling of resources if you like...

The techs have been beavering away to make it work. As far as I can tell, to make this work involves quite a bit of wire and several million mouse clicks.

So tomorrow, Dave and Camille's Classic Breakfast is on 90FM in Wellington and 92.7 in Kapiti and Horowhenua. If we sound like we're a bit stressed tomorrow, imagine it like you've got a bunch of mates round at your house and then another whole group turns up as well. Do we have enough coffee cups to go round and will there be enough chairs in the lounge?

All back to normal on Monday the 25th.


  1. Smell that funky aroma?

    That's the familiar whiff of networked radio. Try not to get too comfortable! ;)

  2. I know that smell, I've smelt it several times on several brands.

    The idea didn't come from high up, this is more sharing of resources, however I would encourage you to leave speculation like that to industry forums and the like.

  3. I think B90 (back before your time Dave) was networked into Kapiti. They'll be bringing back Buck next!

  4. It was, 89.4 which became ZB and yes it was well before my time.

    Richard, sorry if I was a bit harsh in my earlier reply. Having gone through the networking process, I sometimes struggle with flippancy when its people that are being discussed.

    I know that the people who have private offices talk about this stuff - They can do what they like to a station, I just don't want to be a part of it.

    I hope that makes sense.

  5. I agree with you mate. I hear ya.