Here’s the situation right now.

Anna is giving Joey his last feed before bed on the couch and Sophie is tucked up with her blanket in bed underneath a mountain of toys. I’m at the computer contemplating the emotions of fatherhood.

There’s the absolute joy of a 2 year old who says at the breakfast table, “Uv you mummy!” and grins as her Mum melts. Then turns to her Dad and says the same thing. The feeling you get when your children tell you that they love you without being prompted is magical indeed.

Today also, I have so much pride as Joey sits in his high chair drinking from a cup like he’s been doing it all his life when in fact this is the first time he’s had the opportunity.

UPDATE: Joey is now in bed...

However, there’s also the frustration that comes with the fact that he’s been crying all day. I mean, ALL day. The incessant whinging is hard to bear.

Putting both kids in the bath and getting drenched while they have a splash fight is both irritating and amusing but knowing that kicking a towel around the bathroom floor is all it will take to clean the water up makes it ok. The joy on their faces is superb and not worth getting irritated over.

Chucking daughter into time out for bashing the shit out of her brother is a hard one, she knows it’s wrong yet feels the need to do it every now and then. She can be so sweet with him but so rough at other times. He’ll get her back when he has full use of his doughy little fists I’m sure.

Sophie is very good at whining for food, crying for no reason, running round shaking her head yelling “craaazy!!” She can screw up the TV reception for hours if left alone with the remote for 5 seconds. She also is very good at being a pirate / dancer / fly / and singing songs.

UPDATE: Sophie is now back up again...

Joey is an expert at grabbing bowls, cups or anything that will make a mess and flipping them over. He has possibly the widest grin I’ve ever seen and blows an excellent raspberry. He does a mean row, row, row your boat too...

Their timing is both impeccable and appalling. One day, they’ll sleep for two hours at the same time and the next, as soon as one goes down, the other will wake up. Joey knows EXACTLY when dinner is and will start to cry as soon as it’s served up no matter what time we have it. They’re both small human wheely bins when it comes to their tummies, in fact the only difference between my children and wheely bins at the table is the fact that bins generally make things tidier and cleaner, my kids do exactly the opposite.

UPDATE: Sophie and Mummy are watching the lions and Doctor Who is about to start. Sophie’s about to go back to bed and my wife and I will hopefully pull up a couch each for an hour or so before bed.

Two kids, so many emotions. Some good, some not so good. That’s the ups and downs of being a parent and if you’re reading this and you don’t have kids, yes, it is worth it. Every second. Particularly when they’re asleep.

Here’s how I expect bed time to go in about 4 minutes.

"Sophie, bed. Now. Come on. 5, 4, yes you can have your tiger. 3, no you can’t take your pram to bed. Sigh. 2, 1... Come on. Kiss Mummy. I love you."

Sophie: “Uv you Mummy, uv you Daddy."

"Special treat?" Treat! Treat!" (As she's carried off down the hall...)

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  1. Parenting is why someone invented the word 'ambivalence', isn't it?

    I can't even imagine a Mason sibling!