The wedding...

This has been the biggest radio promotion I've ever been directly involved in. I say directly because it's a promo driven solely out of my show and not a station wide thing that I've been one of many players in.

Over the past few weeks Camille and I have been soliciting, finding, meeting and eliminating couples who want to win a wedding. That wedding will be on September 5 and it will be totally paid for by us and our associates.

I always said I'd never get caught up in the emotion of something like this. I try to distance myself from promotions - I'm not entirely sure why. This time though, I've got completely caught up in it and apart from having to tell 4 couple that they can't win the wedding, I've quite enjoyed it.

It has been a great experience meeting the couples who made the final and hearing their stories. They've declared their love for each other in the most public way and I've learned to some extent how people who participate in radio competitions feel about being on the other end of the broadcast. I've really enjoyed hearing their confidence grow as they talked candidly and connected with the audience.

I wish we could have given away a wedding to each couple....

Meet our couples and hear their journeys through something that has ended up as so much more than just a radio competition.

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