The horse pills have made me fuzzy...

On Saturday morning, the Doc said, you’ve got the flu, a fever, and a chest infection. I was quite surprised because I’m not usually the sort to get sick for long. To be told that I wasn’t well and I wasn’t going to shake it off came as both a surprise that I had something legitimate to spend my doctors fees on and that I’m not as bulletproof as I once was.

I’ve done all the right things this weekend, spent lots of time asleep and yesterday afternoon made the call to go back to work. Turns out, I probably shouldn’t have. Unfortunately I was in that strange place between, “Too well to lie on the couch another moment” and “Too sick to not...”

This morning’s show was a bit rough, so apologies. However, I take solace in the fact that we’ve all gone to work at some stage in our careers when we shouldn’t have. On that, I’d like to acknowledge those among you that read what I write here. To those who subscribe to this blog and get it delivered in email, thank you! I appreciate that you consider that what I have to say is interesting enough to keep coming back and if you ever unsubscribe, I won’t be upset!

We’re back into Kapiti and Horowhenua tomorrow for the rest of the week. Phil - the breakfast host up there is back on ZB overnights so we’ll look after his show and because we’re networked, I’ll have to be even more vigilant with my button pushing.

Meanwhile, all hail the Augmentin Horse Pill...


  1. you make sure you finish your prescription!
    otherwise the bugs will get resistant and come back to bite you again, bigger and better than before.


  2. You poor bugger!!!!

    Man Flu!
    I mean, Is there any other kind of flu that is worse???
    I think NOT!!!!!!

  3. hey matey - look after yourself and get well. It has been going around over here too, and it was a really nasty bout this year. Hope those two gorgeous kids are doing well. Miss you guys (give Anna a snuggle from me).
    Mads x x