I’ve kind of resisted iPods and itunes in the past. I’ve done this for a couple of reasons.

1: I haven’t had an iPod.

2: Radio is my career. Why should I embrace something which does what I do without me? I’ll just listen to the radio thanks!

Just the other day, an iPod came into our hands. Not a big one but an iPod all the same. I thought hey, that’s the number one reason why I haven’t bothered. Let’s see what it’s all about.

Firstly, I plugged it into my computer and it didn’t do anything. Battery must be flat. Ok, where’s the charger? No charger. Ok. What now? Oh wait, maybe it uses the USB cable. Hmmm. It’s not doing anything... Wait! The computer’s off. Turn it on. Ahhh... I see. Nice.

An hour or so later, it’s charged. Ok. How do I turn it off? Hmmmm.... No off button. I googled. How do I turn my iPod off? Answer: Hold down the play button. Aha! It’s off. Good to know.

What next? I know, the kids CDs do my head in all messy around the place, why don’t I load all theirs onto it? Done. Superb.

Now, I’m loading every single one of our CDs onto itunes. I’m having fun and listening to some old songs I haven’t played in ages. Kids are in bed, Anna’s out with some friends, I’m in heaven!

As for my career, well, I’ll just have to start podcasting...

Today | 15 years on air...

It was just after the midday news, Saturday October 16th, 1993 when I got paid for turning on a microphone for the very first time. Radio Nelson 89.8FM was the station and as far as I was concerned, I'd made it!

I was pretty lucky to get in there actually. I'd managed to blag some work experience through a bloke named Jason Wawatai who, as well as being daytime announcer, was also a City Councillor. I did up a tape for the Programme Director and breakfast host, Tony "Flew" Flewellyn and he said, "Not bad. Do one to our format." I did, he said he'd be in touch if anything came up, called me a day or so later and said, "What are you doing on Saturday?"

I was in. For about $8 an hour!

I've moved round quite a bit over the past 15 years, I spent a couple doing weekends at Radio Nelson, saw it become Classic Hits and then moved to Oamaru in 1995. Almost a year there and I was off to Whangarei for 4 years and a station called 93ZM. Then to Auckland and the ZM Network, Classic Hits Network nights and to Wellington a year and a half ago.

While I've been doing this for 15 years, I'm still a young fulla with a lot to learn and a lot of old heads I need to credit for helping me.

Thanks to Jason Wawatai for getting me the work experience in Nelson and Flew for hiring me. Mark Bunting and Grayson Ottaway for nurturing me back then as well.

Thanks to Murray Madden in Whangarei for not firing me in the slashings and networking of the late 90s and to Grant Hislop for moving me to Auckland. Christian Boston made me halfway decent at being on air and Dallas Gurney made me better and let me run.

Nowadays, along with Dallas, Jason Pine (who was also in Nelson back at the start) is keeping me on track for the future, a future which is hellishly uncertain in this world of broadcasting, podcasting, thiscasting, thatcasting and everyothercasting.

Annual Leave...

Hey, I'm taking a break for a couple of weeks. Our night guy, Will Johnston will be filling in on the show until Labour Weekend and we'll be back after that.

I'm not doing much for the holiday, sleeping in, building fences, trying to figure out where to hide a big pile of gravel, maybe a bit of tripping around and finishing our civil defence emergency kit. Thanks Aftershock.

The most important thing will be turning back into 'holiday Dave' which is what my wife calls me when I'm not tired and cranky.

So I'm about, but not working.

Meantime, we've just come to the end of another survey period where all radio stations get a new round of ratings. How will we do? Dunno, to be fair. We find out on Halloween and I'll post some of the figures here.

Oh, watch this video if you like, it's mine and Camille's appalling attempt at a Toffee Pop race...

Classic Hits is great when you've got family...

You can take your wife and kids to see their favourite band...

That's Soph in the middle there with her mates Emma and James.