Survey Results

A couple of times per year, radio stations around the country have ratings periods which are called ‘Survey’. This is a time of much stress, promotional activity and hand wringing. My wife actually throws me out of the house on these days because I pace about the place in a very irritating way.

Well, we’ve just come out of another one with some pleasing results. As with any statistics, you can read results and interpret them anyway you want to. You can take any and all sorts of weird breakdowns and find some good news.

Here’s two of those results for you. This is everyone over the age of 10 who listens to breakfast radio in Wellington. I could break it down to age group, target audience, area, anything but this is the broadest look - I’m not choosing the best for you to make myself look better! It’s also the first results we get on survey day.

This is thousands of people listening. Every station lost listeners except two. Radiolive went up and we stayed the same.

This shows that our share of the commercial radio market went up 1.4 percent and we went up a full place in the rankings from earlier in the year.

These are good results and although we don’t live by them, Dave and Camille are now the 4th most popular breakfast show in Wellington! However, tomorrow is another day and a step closer to the next round, and the next, and the next... We won’t always have success either! Every other breakfast show is talented, deserving, and fighting for their slice of the pie.

So if you listen, thank you. Seriously, thank you so much! Thanks also to our Boss Piney, our Promotions Manager Morgs, our coach Dallas and most importantly, our families for supporting us.


  1. Well Dave, I certainly hope that Glenn and I ( and all the other wedding finalists!! ) had something to do with these results, but I doubt it...=0). You guys are just great at what you do! Congratulations! Glenn & Tamar

  2. Congratulations! You both deserve it and more so.

  3. yay!
    looks good to me :o)