Drive Safe

It makes me laugh when people say this.

“Drive safe these holidays.”

“Oh, that’s right. Thank you. Crikey, for a minute there I was planning on driving unsafe. Because you told me to drive safe though, I now will.”

Phew. Crisis averted.

Another one I like is anytime from November when people say, “We must catch up before Christmas.”

Why? Is Christmas going to being the end of the world? Do we HAVE to catch up or can we just do it afterwards? Will it really make any difference?

It’s like Christmas cards for the sake of it. How many people do you send Christmas cards to, or, get Christmas cards from, who you don’t see year on year?

Finally, if you get any one of the following gifts:

A: Scorched Almonds.

B: Photo Frame.

C: Any sort of cooler bag / lunchbox.

It’s a cop-out present from someone who either finds you difficult to buy for or just couldn’t be fagged thinking of anything else.

Have a great next three weeks, and know that next year will be just as tiring and stressful as this year was. Catch you back January 12.

Community events...

One of the great ones is Funrazor. People getting their heads shaved to support the Child Cancer Foundation.

This years Wellington event was at Midland Park on Friday just gone. A typically windy day which caused much hair to fly into the mouths of onlookers! We're still waiting for final figures to come in but in Wellington alone, it won't be far off $100,000. Well done to everyone who shaved or gave this year, whatever part of the country you're in.

There are too many stories of child cancer, and one you may know is Kyah, a little girl who recently lost her battle with cancer. Those who have read her blog will know that her parents, Shanell and Jason and her brothers, Kaleb and Jordan have had a harrowing time and I was very lucky to meet them at this years event.

Photo 1 is us with Kyah's Dad Jason, Kaleb and Jordan and photo 2 is with Selwyn, Kyah's grandfather - that's 40 years or hair about to come off there...

There's actually no stopping him

It was November 17, when I posted that Joey could crawl. Well, by God is he on the move now. Here he is just a couple of weeks later...

John Key - PM

Excuse the appalling logo. I ain't no photoshopper.

We talk to Uncle John on the first Friday of every month. Here he is with us this morning talking about how to find a billion dollars, Google Maps, Christmas, David Beckham and learning the words to Feliz Navidad.

Click here to listen.

You won't recognise his name or face...

But you will recognise his voice.

Paul Hardy, the voice of Harvey Norman and others, died on the weekend. Paul, who was in his 50s, was also the founder of Hardy Audio Productions based in Ballarat, Australia. It's believed that his death was heart related.

Still not sure? Ok, every time you heard a Harvey Norman ad on the radio or telly, it was his voice. He's the Aussie guy that said the price a bit strange, "two ninety nine dollars" he never said the 'hundred' part of it. Some of these ads are still playing but eventually, they, and he will disappear.

People die every day, that's life but you notice the ones who are related in some way to what you do more.

Next time you hear a Harvey Norman ad, just listen, you'll know the guy if it's him and if it is, know that you won't be hearing him for much longer as Harvey Norman advertising campaigns outlive the man who told us about them.

Geoff Sewell

Tenor, Amici Forever, spokesman for Autism, accountant, kiwi. This was the guy who sang our National Anthem at the Rugby League World Cup Final and got huge accolades for it. Here's the video to remind you.

He came in to see us this morning too - still wearing the jersey!

And the obligatory shot on the couch...