Drive Safe

It makes me laugh when people say this.

“Drive safe these holidays.”

“Oh, that’s right. Thank you. Crikey, for a minute there I was planning on driving unsafe. Because you told me to drive safe though, I now will.”

Phew. Crisis averted.

Another one I like is anytime from November when people say, “We must catch up before Christmas.”

Why? Is Christmas going to being the end of the world? Do we HAVE to catch up or can we just do it afterwards? Will it really make any difference?

It’s like Christmas cards for the sake of it. How many people do you send Christmas cards to, or, get Christmas cards from, who you don’t see year on year?

Finally, if you get any one of the following gifts:

A: Scorched Almonds.

B: Photo Frame.

C: Any sort of cooler bag / lunchbox.

It’s a cop-out present from someone who either finds you difficult to buy for or just couldn’t be fagged thinking of anything else.

Have a great next three weeks, and know that next year will be just as tiring and stressful as this year was. Catch you back January 12.


  1. I LOVE scorched almonds! :)

  2. Such a pessimistic viewpoint!

  3. It's true! Although more cynical than pessimistic. I guess I'm getting old.