You won't recognise his name or face...

But you will recognise his voice.

Paul Hardy, the voice of Harvey Norman and others, died on the weekend. Paul, who was in his 50s, was also the founder of Hardy Audio Productions based in Ballarat, Australia. It's believed that his death was heart related.

Still not sure? Ok, every time you heard a Harvey Norman ad on the radio or telly, it was his voice. He's the Aussie guy that said the price a bit strange, "two ninety nine dollars" he never said the 'hundred' part of it. Some of these ads are still playing but eventually, they, and he will disappear.

People die every day, that's life but you notice the ones who are related in some way to what you do more.

Next time you hear a Harvey Norman ad, just listen, you'll know the guy if it's him and if it is, know that you won't be hearing him for much longer as Harvey Norman advertising campaigns outlive the man who told us about them.


  1. Interesting bit of trivia that Big Dave!

    Cheers for that.

  2. He's being MOURNED like mad over here in Oz. A bit of a local legend. Apparantly a real nice guy who had time for everyone:

    He's had the Rebel Sport contract I believe.

  3. It makes me sad when I hear that stuff.......I might not have known of the guy or anything but he did what we in Radio love's the same as when the news broke that Don LaFontaine died, you know that movie trailers will change forever. Sad loss.