DIY Father | Post #2

Another article for DIY Father. I'm quite enjoying this change of pace. I've got a couple more up my sleeve as well. They've even put me on the site as a contributing author.

This one is titled, "First Officer Dad" and is about the changing role of a Dad as the rest of the family gets more independent.

I'm a full time working Dad and my wife is a stay at home Mum. We have two kids under 3 and we've just recently got to the stage where my wife is now able to go out more.... Click to continue.

Uncle John Sessions | January 23

Here he is this morning on cricket, his broken arm, the economy and his first date with Bronagh..

Click here to listen.

DIY Father

If you're a Dad and haven't been to DIY Father yet, I strongly recommend that you do. Equally, if you're a Mum and you often ponder about how his parenting style differs from yours, take a look.

It's an online interactive forum for dads that offers resources, discussion groups and practical information about parenting from a male perspective. was brought into this world by Wellington-based dads Scott Lancaster, Eric Mooij and Stefan Korn who recognised the need for a dedicated website for fathers.

I've just written an article for them on the silly stuff that Dads like to teach their kids and I plan on writing more.

"It’s a father’s role to teach his kids slightly inappropriate yet harmless things for humour value. We all do it, and we can all take it a little too far..." Click here to go to DIY Father and read the rest...

You may remember Dermott Sweeney...

One or two folks have asked about Dermott recently. If you're new to this blog, Dermott was a fill in co-host / producer for the show in the early half of last year when Camille was on maternity leave. He's a top lad and really helped us out of a bind, he has a great way of painting pictures with words and I wish that we were able to offer him employment on a more than casual basis when Camille came back.

Dermott is currently working in radio in Hawkes bay and has begun blogging. His plan is to attempt to give the world 101 good things or "Derm-nations" in a calender year...

Click and read along with his journey. He's a very funny man with some great stories to tell,. At the time of writing this, he's completed 4 of his 101 Derm-nations.

Celebrity lookalikes #37

I watched the Howard Morrison Tribute Show on New Years Eve. (we'd been out to a party earlier ok, but the kids imploded...) Many entertainers were present including legendary NZ entertainer Ray Woolf. Here's a recent photo of him.

Or, is Ray Woolf actually Bob Kelso?