Kapiti - update

I wrote about being networked onto Classic Hits 92.7 in Kapiti-Horowhenua last year in a fill in role when the local host was away. Then, it was announced a couple of weeks ago that we would be going in there full time.

I had a couple of messages asking what this meant for Phil Costello, the incumbent host. These things are always a bit awkward, and unfortunately, redundancy is a pretty common thing these days. Everyone knows someone who has been affected by it and it’s a pretty dismal process to go through, whoever you are.

Well, the boss has just announced it to staff so I can tell you. Phil has been made Operations Manager of our Kapiti-Horowhenua station so he’s staying with us. Not only that, he gets to sleep in now and because he’s the boss, he’s probably got a pay rise as well!

To get something amazing given to you at the expense of someone else isn’t pleasant, and I’m stoked that we’re all still on the same team.

Congratulations Phil. This photo here is him and his band.

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