Sir Dancalot...

I’ve written in the past about Jojo being a tank. Since birth he has been unstoppable once he gets his blood up. This doesn’t change as he gets older either. He’s now quicker, more nimble and more daring each day. I’m Daddy Day Care while Anna is at work this afternoon and I’ve learnt three things:

1: It’s a difficult thing to explain to a one year old why he can’t get in the dishwasher.
2: The same one year old likes to eat cat biscuits.
3: He is singularly focussed on achieving great heights, according to this video.

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  1. honestly i just LOVE this. I can imagine all the PC parents out there throwing their hands up as he climbs on the table right on the edge - but i think GREAT!! Testing his boundaries, figuring it all out - then he cracks out that dance. Farking gorgeous!