We have a problem in our studio, one which is endemic in all radio studios.

Our spare set of headphones is rooted.

They only work in one ear and someone keeps nicking the little adaptor that turns the little plug into a big plug. They’re effectively useless through no fault of ours and it’s frustrating. It means that if we have a guest, we either have to steal someone else’s spare set (becoming exactly the sort of person who pisses us off) or not giving them headphones to wear – not usually a problem unless they really want to wear some.

I have my own headphones, Sennheiser HD25-SPs. I got them maybe 7 or 8 years ago and I love them. These puppies are about $250 to buy new so I’m pretty careful with them. My wife Anna has exactly the same model for her on air work. I don’t let anyone else use them because I’d rather it was just my ear sweat on them. It’s selfish but you have to look after your gear. Camille has her own too and we have sneaky little hiding places for them.

So anyway, I went into an opshop today and found some new headphones. By new, I mean that these cans are so old that I can’t find anything out about them on the internet. (They’re Technics brand and the model is EAH-220 if you’re an antique audiophile and know about them.) They are magnificent.

Putting them on, you resemble a pilot. The sound is good as long as I don’t turn the volume up too loud and they cost... wait for it... $1 dollar.


  1. AnonymousMay 28, 2009

    Ask my Dad about the headphones.

  2. AnonymousMay 28, 2009

    They are awesome by the way. I used to have a similar pair. They were white. And I wore them everywhere.

  3. AnonymousJuly 20, 2009

    Hi Smarty
    Andy F here - I have exactly the same pair. also in original packaging. I paid $40. They are indeed awesome.

  4. Hi!
    For a long time I've been looking info on these headphones. What about their sound quality? Is it good professional hi-fi sound? What are their technical specifications?
    If anybody knows, share your info with me,please.
    There's very little info about this model on the net.
    Thank you in advance.

  5. They're pretty tinny to be fair, there's no info on the net because they pre-date the internet!

    If you're looking for nice fat sound, don't bother. If you want something that looks a bit retro and you're not really concerned about the sound - go for it!

    They're every bit worth the $1 I paid for them. :)

  6. Very nice headphones you have there. They fit on the ears like no other headphones do. I just love them
    I have 2 of those, brown and green. I will post the specifications as soon as possible, if anyone`s interested..
    See ya,