D and C v John Key

Last week, we were lucky enough to get half an hour with the Prime Minister, here it is, on film and unedited. See what makes our PM tick.

Dave and Camille v John Key from Dave Smart on Vimeo.

The things we say but do not mean

We’ve all been in situations where we’ve said the wrong thing. It might be in a fight with a member of your family, your spouse, your children, a workmate. You might make a rude, cruel or off colour joke to friends and family. We humans can be cutting, mean. You could even end up saying something you don’t mean to someone you’ve never met who crossed your path at what you consider to be an inopportune moment.

If there is a person who says they have got through life so far without making a bitchy comment about or too someone, I’d like to meet them and call them a liar.

We all hear stories of kids at school being nasty and picking on the weaker ones, the fatties or the gingers. Different ethnicities get a lot of this too. Basically, anyone who can be deemed ‘different’ in some way can become a target. Bullying starts from an early age and sadly, it seems to be human nature to on occasion, slap someone down.

It’s not right. I know this because I was vaguely weak, a bit of a fatty and a ginger. I wasn’t bullied a lot but there are one or two guys from my school who the mere thought of can bring up some pretty ugly memories.

16 years later in my job as a breakfast radio host it’s live, fast paced and while a show is heavily prepared, it can go in any direction.

I have to think quick and I have a hundred different things going on at the same time.

What am I saying right now? What am I saying in 5 seconds? What am I saying in 5 minutes? What is someone saying to me? What will be my response? Is what I’m saying legal / moral / offensive / funny / sad / quirky / entertaining? How are my levels? How long have I been talking? Is what my co-host is saying legal / moral / offensive / funny / sad / quirky / entertaining? Am I actually allowed to say this? How long until the news? How long is this song? Is what we’re talking about working? Is what the person on the phone is saying legal / moral / offensive / funny / sad / quirky / entertaining? How are my levels now? At what point will I end this and play some ads or another song? Where are my notes? Do I need to do any editing before my next break? I get up really early and I’m tired but I must box on and say things that are legal / moral / NOT offensive / funny / sad / quirky and entertaining because this is my job.

All of this is going through a broadcasters mind while they are talking, operating a dozen or more audio sources, 5 phone lines and 3 computer screens.

People on air are expected to never say the wrong thing, to be objective, morally upright and just. Sometimes, however, I say things without thinking them through fully. Mostly, these things are ok although sometimes they cross a line and when they do, I am sorry.

I do my best.

I don't often make the paper...

A bunch of Dads were pulled together through DIY Father and Plunket to yak to the Dompost about being Fathers who will be voting yes in the anti smacking referendum. That is, Dads who want to keep it as a criminal offence. We're the Dads who don't smack.

How you feel about the issue is up to you, if you feel that the wording of the question is wrong or too much money is being spent on this, you're not alone, if you're someone who wants the law changed so that you can smack your kids, this is totally your decision too.

It does amaze me though that there are people who obviously want and need to smack their kids so much that they're willing to try and change the law to do it.

I.. Must.. Hit.. My.. Kids.. So.. Please.. Let.. Me.. Mr.. Lawmaker.......
Clearly, that's ludicrous.

Anyhoo, about 8 or 9 of us met the Journo at Astoria on Midland Park in Wellington, we were asked questions, photographed and all the usual palava. Strangely, only one person was quoted. That person was me.

Click here to read the story on stuff.co.nz

I feel disappointed that the writer didn't take any of the well thought out and valid points of the other Dads, and I kind of wish they published the photo they took of us too!

Sadly, this story also seems to confirm my theory that many media organisations aren't often interested in a story unless it's negative or can be spun that way.

Still, there are no promises when it comes to getting something heard in the news so you take what you can get.

For more information on the Yes Vote, click here.
To make sure you're enrolled to vote in the referendum, click here.


Today is our daughter’s third birthday. It’s been a wonderful day filled with fairies, dolls and laughter. There was dancing, magic, presents and even a few tears.

Let me relay the next few minutes in her life to you. She’s just finished covering herself in stickers.

“I’ve finished my work.” Admiring her stickers, I’m being a clown today.” She gets up, “What’s this song Daddy” she asks, I tell her it’s the monkey song. She says, “No, it’s the jumping on the bed song.”

“I’m going to get a flower and make a wish.” “Oops, I’m in the wrong chair.” She’s moving the blue chair out of the way and putting her pink chair in its place.

“Where’s Jojo?” She asks. I tell her he’s outside. “I’m going to go outside. Hello Mummy! This is my chair. I’m going outside. I am outside now Sloovy, (her brother’s nickname according to her) just so you know.

Oh, wait. “I’m a cat today” she says. “I don’t want to wear a jumper.” “I’m very busy today.” “Can we please turn High-5 on now Daddeee?”

And so on and so on...

Sophie, at the age of 3 is an omnipotent being. Not in a God way, more in a ‘How can someone so small be so immeasurable?’ way. If I could bottle the energy that flows from her, I’d have everything I ever wanted. Ironically, just being with her brings a completeness that I can’t quite describe. There is something unwritten yet, so powerful about the bond between a Daddy and a daughter.

Her laughter fills a room, she dances and people who don’t know her can’t help but smile. She sings and my day, no matter how bad, is in her words, “all better.” When she smiles, she can make me cry.

Soph, no-one knows what lies ahead of you but at a hopeful guess, you will be mostly happy and sometimes sad. You will win some and you will experience loss. You will grow, you will fight, you will hurt and you will love.

Everyone wants the world for their children, World, I give you Sophie Smart.

Statue, bro?

At 1pm in 5 June 2009, people across New Zealand froze. They came together in public places and became human statues - stopping and standing for united action on climate change. Over a thousand people took part.

Here's the official video from Mr Freeze, recognise yourself?

Here are a couple of unofficial videos. Look out for the Classic Hits car at 38 seconds, my back in the black jacket and sunglasses at 1.33 and Morgan our Promotions Manager eating a pear at 1.39. Can you see yourself?

Hat tip to MrJudkins.

Hat tip to missdeumont.

Hat tip to Timothy Greig. Finally, here's a link to the the dompost's video...

David Bain - Not Guilty!

Yesterday, Camille and I were having lunch at Mitre Ten Mega in Petone and we came up with the lyrics to a song, should David Bain be found innocent.

From here, we brought in an old mate named Kent Robertson woh hosts the Classic Hits 89.8FM breakfast show in Nelson. He supplied the lyrics and the end result is a very short song for a free man.

Click here to listen. Or, watch the video!

Moving Virtual House...

Don't you hate it when you set something up, get everyone there, and then something newer and easier to ue comes along?

This is the case with facebook. I made a Dave and Camille page so we could host audio and video and have competitions and the like and it was all going well until Facebook 'Pages' came along.

The 'Pages' concept works better, looks better and interacts more. Now, I have to send a message to 208 people to say hey, come along over. A tad annoying for them I'm sure!

So here's the new page. The group is still there but the page is where most of the action will be from a facebook perspective from now on. Sorry for any inconvenience!

Meanwhile, here's the Wellington International Ukelele Orchestra from this morning...

A Kiwi doing good.

This guy is a mate of mine doing something different with the recession.

Justin Brown is his name, you may recognise his name from books he's written like Kiwi Speak, UK on a G String, Teed off in the USA and his latest, Bowling Through India.

Until recently, we were colleagues, unfortunately, he got laid off. Nowadays, he's being interviewed on CNN about his new website, wehaventlaidanyoneoff.com