I don't often make the paper...

A bunch of Dads were pulled together through DIY Father and Plunket to yak to the Dompost about being Fathers who will be voting yes in the anti smacking referendum. That is, Dads who want to keep it as a criminal offence. We're the Dads who don't smack.

How you feel about the issue is up to you, if you feel that the wording of the question is wrong or too much money is being spent on this, you're not alone, if you're someone who wants the law changed so that you can smack your kids, this is totally your decision too.

It does amaze me though that there are people who obviously want and need to smack their kids so much that they're willing to try and change the law to do it.

I.. Must.. Hit.. My.. Kids.. So.. Please.. Let.. Me.. Mr.. Lawmaker.......
Clearly, that's ludicrous.

Anyhoo, about 8 or 9 of us met the Journo at Astoria on Midland Park in Wellington, we were asked questions, photographed and all the usual palava. Strangely, only one person was quoted. That person was me.

Click here to read the story on stuff.co.nz

I feel disappointed that the writer didn't take any of the well thought out and valid points of the other Dads, and I kind of wish they published the photo they took of us too!

Sadly, this story also seems to confirm my theory that many media organisations aren't often interested in a story unless it's negative or can be spun that way.

Still, there are no promises when it comes to getting something heard in the news so you take what you can get.

For more information on the Yes Vote, click here.
To make sure you're enrolled to vote in the referendum, click here.

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