Today is our daughter’s third birthday. It’s been a wonderful day filled with fairies, dolls and laughter. There was dancing, magic, presents and even a few tears.

Let me relay the next few minutes in her life to you. She’s just finished covering herself in stickers.

“I’ve finished my work.” Admiring her stickers, I’m being a clown today.” She gets up, “What’s this song Daddy” she asks, I tell her it’s the monkey song. She says, “No, it’s the jumping on the bed song.”

“I’m going to get a flower and make a wish.” “Oops, I’m in the wrong chair.” She’s moving the blue chair out of the way and putting her pink chair in its place.

“Where’s Jojo?” She asks. I tell her he’s outside. “I’m going to go outside. Hello Mummy! This is my chair. I’m going outside. I am outside now Sloovy, (her brother’s nickname according to her) just so you know.

Oh, wait. “I’m a cat today” she says. “I don’t want to wear a jumper.” “I’m very busy today.” “Can we please turn High-5 on now Daddeee?”

And so on and so on...

Sophie, at the age of 3 is an omnipotent being. Not in a God way, more in a ‘How can someone so small be so immeasurable?’ way. If I could bottle the energy that flows from her, I’d have everything I ever wanted. Ironically, just being with her brings a completeness that I can’t quite describe. There is something unwritten yet, so powerful about the bond between a Daddy and a daughter.

Her laughter fills a room, she dances and people who don’t know her can’t help but smile. She sings and my day, no matter how bad, is in her words, “all better.” When she smiles, she can make me cry.

Soph, no-one knows what lies ahead of you but at a hopeful guess, you will be mostly happy and sometimes sad. You will win some and you will experience loss. You will grow, you will fight, you will hurt and you will love.

Everyone wants the world for their children, World, I give you Sophie Smart.

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