I'm here at the scene of the crash...

So at about lunchtime today, this fulla in the ute comes round the corner on the way back from Staglands and doesn’t make it, the front of his ute is actually hanging over the edge of the bridge there. We were second on the scene and the biggest at that stage so we tried to use the Classic Hits car to drag it out.

The rope in the picture snapped.

A bigger 4WD came along so we tried to drag it out with that.

The second rope snapped.

End of the story was about a dozen blokes dragged it off to the side enough to allow traffic to pass and then the cops turned up to sort the rest out and we carried on our merry way to tell the story to anyone who’ll listen.


  1. Hey Dave, who's that under the front of your vehicle and is he or she still alive at that stage?
    Oh and just one more thing big guy, How did that person get there?

  2. He's the guy who was driving the ute that crashed and he's attaching a tow rope.

    That's my daughter in the front of the shot too. She thought it was the coolest thing ever!