People can be like Wolves

WARNING: This post is not based on science, or any particular series of events. It's a work of Observational Faction. Faction is something that is essentially fiction but some of it may ring true, depending on the reader.

People, like wolves, often move in packs. This is generally a reasonably good system. However, when something out of the ordinary happens with one of the members of the pack, people in the group can often deal with the 'issue' in a wolf like way.

Let's say for example, that one of the group has done something that the other members of the pack don't agree with. They've made, not necessarily a bad call, but one which is taken the wrong way. This person is embarrassed, and feels sick for doing it, and out of this feeling comes a kneejerk reaction which offends again.

The hole gets deeper.

They don't have a history of doing the wrong thing but all of a sudden, nothing else matters to the group except for this event.

The other members of the group all react in different ways, and this can be the wolfy bit.

Some members of the pack take the Alpha role and bite the single wolf who has done wrong.

Other wolves stand behind the alpha wolf and growl in support.

Other members may sit at the back of the pack barking and growling about the issue with each other.

Other members of the pack try to ignore what's going on because they don't wish to make a fuss.

As far as I can tell, it's not very often that a member of a wolf like pack of people tries to extend a hand of and actually offer support to the first wolf. They seem to band together, close ranks and push the offending wolf out which is a shame because the lone wolf who has been kicked out of the pack is the one that needs the support, the rest of the pack still have each other.

If this post seems wierd to you, good. It illustrates my final point. Read it out loud and take it all in. Words written down can often be taken out of context. We've all cherry picked phrases out of a written document and got the wrong idea. You may even be doing it now.

My advice is this, If you ever have a problem with someone, talk about it with them. Get to the bottom of a situation by using your voice and your ears. Don't text, email or facebook them, make a phone call or catch up with them in person.

Good friends will give you a heads up if you've crossed a line, wolves will hang you out to dry.

Good friends will support you if you made a bad call, wolves will turn their back.

An old boss of mine at a radio station back in the day said, "I will support anything you do on air, even if it's the wrong thing, if you have a good reason for it." In essence this means, if you make a genuine mistake, I'll still back you up. It's a great feeling when your friends have your back.

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