Bus v Pedestrian...

There have been a few instances recently that people have been injured or killed by busses here in Wellington which is heartbreaking for those involved.

I cannot fathom how this must feel to the people who are injured or worse, lose a family member in this way. However, I put it to you that in some cases, we may actually end up being victims of our own arrogance.

Here's a game for you. Stand at some traffic lights and watch people crossing the road. You get a point if you see any of the following events happen:

Someone steps of the footpath in a gap and trots to the middle of the road and then waits for the next gap, crossing the road in two sections.

Someone crosses just down from the lights, alternately running / walking / sidestepping across on an angle to end up further up the street where they want to go.

There's a gap, the lights go orange, so a pedestrian steps out to 'beat the green man' . This pedestrian then gets followed by 4 or 5 other people who all do the same thing, all before the green man.

The person who boots it after the green man is gone and crosses on the red flashing man because they reckon they 'can make this easily'.

Someone crosses at an intersection / bus stop / place where lots of traffic is converging where there are no lights and ends up sprinting across more than 2 directions of traffic.

On top of this, some people pull these moves while on the phone or listening to their iPods...

It's not always the pedestrian but it's also not always the driver either.

The it'll never happen to me / I've done this heaps of time before / that person did it I can too attitude is injuring and killing us. You wouldn't pull any of those moves in front of a train which only goes in two directions, yet people do it on the road where the big human smashing metal things are going in all directions?
We teach our kids how to cross the road properly, why don't the adults follow suit?

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  1. The most likely thing I've seen almost go bad many times is when people inexplicably wait patiently at the crossing then cross as soon as the light change against them, not really paying attention I guess. This of course puts them in the path of the bus, driven by the driver who has been driving the same route for years and knows the light sequences off by heart, so knows he doesn't need to stop at the intersection as the light is green when he gets to it.