We're going Nationwide!

It was announced this week that Camille and I will be presenting a nationwide show as of November 29 this year. This is waycool. It'll be a show playing between 6am and 9am every Sunday morning and will feature all of our best bits from each week and new stuff for the weekend as well.

Now, in the past, our ‘replay hour’ was between 9 and 10am on a Saturday and only broadcast on our normal frequencies of 90FM Wellington and 92.7FM Kapiti but now we will be on all of the 26 stations that make up the Classic Hits Network.

It's bloody exciting times for Camille and I and a kind of return to what I used to do back in the day when I hosted the Classic Hits Nightclub between 2004 and 2007.

Now, I realise that it’s a Sunday morning and it’s flaming early so there’s no expectation for you to listen but if you do happen to have a radio playing on a Sunday morning, by all means give it a go. We’re also looking at the concept of a weekly (not daily – Christ no, we’d need a producer for that!) podcast.

2010 is going to be an exciting year – bring it!


  1. Congrats big guy!

  2. WOW! Go Yous! Shame I don't get up that early in the weekend to listen eh! All prerecorded I take it so you don't have to have another early start?

  3. Congrats Smarty. Scary stuff tho, how long be4 there's only one brekky show for the whole country???

  4. Any chance you'll broadcast across the ditch one day fella??

  5. Congratulaitons guys - fan-bloody-tastic!

  6. You mofos! Not bad! Classy mofos!

  7. cool Dave

    congrats for both of you:)