2009 | A look back...

It's always appropriate on the last day of any year to review the year that's been. We look back, although not for too long because we don't want to waste today, and consider the events that shaped us.

2009 was a year of beginnings for me. I was lucky enough, at the age of 34 to meet my father for the first time. Sadly, we lost my Grandfather - the magnificent man who raised me.

I thought I was going to die at one point in February and the children that Anna and I created passed some milestones. Jojo turned one and Sophie turned 3.

Over the year I wrote 60 blog posts, not many compared to other bloggers but that's ok. Strangely, the biggest day with the most readers was because I said something I shouldn't have.

On the work front, there were many highlights including a half hour video interview with Prime Minister John Key, something very special for race relations day and as a local Wellington show, we were first networked into Kapiti and Horowhenua and then given a nationwide spot.

Throughout the year, a lot of people have had their hand in the success of the show. My co-host Camille, our Boss Piney, Talent Manager Dallas, Promotions Manager Morgs and intern / producer Olivia.

The most important of all though is my wife Anna, she is my strongest supporter, my biggest critic, my conscience and my love. She's a bloody good broadcaster, producer, teacher and voice in her own right but never gets the chance because our kids (The two that wreck the house and the one she's still building) take up most of her time!

Here's to 09, thanks for the ride.

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