50 rules to live your life by...

These sorts of things get sent round in the email every now and then. More often than not, a quick delete will sort them out. We though, inspired by a 99th birthday of a bloke named Eric decided to seek out 99 rules to live your life by and take texts and calls to see what we came up with.

We got 50.

Some of these might be as old as the hills, some may be new. Some you may not agree with and some may be impossible to live by all the time. Some might even go against each other! All ideas are different though so you’re welcome to copy and paste these into an email and flick them on if that's your thing. If you do, please leave in that these rules were all suggested on December 18, 2009 by the listeners of Dave and Camille for breakfast on Classic Hits Wellington.

1. Treat others the way you wish to be treated.
2. Check your texts before you send!
3. Life isn't always fair but it's still good.
4. Dance regularly.
5. Always let the wife think that she is winning an argument or else you are a dead man!
6. Keep work in its place, down where it should be.
7. Smile! Be happy! Eat Cake!
8. Respect your health, it can be taken away quickly.
9. Life is a journey not a destination.
10. Fart, it's better out than in.
11. Treat everyday like it's your last day, one day you'll be right.
12. Work hard and be good to your mother.
13. 13: Do not break wind in a lift unless you know the people.
14. Each day is a new day, so it's never too late to start again!
15. Put the toilet seat down!
16. Sing like no-one is listening.
17. When you hug your kids, let them be the ones to let go first. Let them decide how long they need to hug for.
18. Work is a four letter word.
19. Love like you've never been hurt before.
20. Remember the past, cherish the present and look forward to the future.
21. Always respect your elders and let your partner and kids how much u love them
22. Be grateful for what you already have, as tomorrow it could all go pear shaped.
23. We are here for a good time, not a long time!
24. Be honest and respectful.
25. Please and thank you will open any door.
26. Take time out for oneself to be refreshed each day.
27. Make progress not excuses.
28. Always blow on the pie!
29. Every day is a new page in your book of life, write great memories.
30. Don't eat yellow snow!
31. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, Today is a gift.
32. Laugh more and forgive, enjoy what you have, not what you want.
33. Do not be too quick to judge others.
34. Don't stress over the small stuff, treat those things as challenges.
35. Be generous to others. Their smile is a reward.
36. Spend time with others who are less fortunate than you and understand them before you make a judgement.
37. Never go to sleep on an argument.
38. Dance like no-one is watching.
39. Eat chocolate
40. Always wear clean underwear.
41. There is a silver lining in all situations.
42. Get tattoos with meaning, you will always remember that particular event even when you have dementia.
43. When you meet people, always wear a smile.
44. Smile and laugh every day.
45. Don't take a friends seconds!
46. Don't date men who eat food off your plate without being invited!
47. Always go to the toilet before a journey.
48. Always wake up positive you dont know how long you have on earth.
49. Shoot for the sky, when you fall, you will fall among the stars.
50. When you die, your gravestone has your name and the date you were born and the date you died. eg; Rose Jordan 1977 - 2020. It's the dash that's the important bit, nothing else matters but what you did between those two dates.


  1. RE #17 - That's why I founded Global Hug Your Kids Day - July 19 in 2010. My son, Mark, died suddenly at age 8 1/2 in 1998. I REALLY understand the gift of being able to hug our kids every day. http://www.hugyourkidstoday.com. Maybe you can announce it on your show that day / week. HEck, maybe you can have an event in your town for the holiday. Michelle Nichols, Founder.

  2. AnonymousMay 03, 2010

    #51: Always use spell check (#36)