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Ok, so my plan is to put together the audio for the Sunday show as a downloadable mp3 and eventually move onto itunes, sort out feed etc and make a proper podcast.

These aren't the best bits or the worst bits, more a snapshot of a week that wasn't too difficult to edit up! It's not completely pretty and I don't yet have the right access to our site for uploading the audio but we're working on it slowly.

Here's the first two weeks, enjoy!

Dave and Camille Weekly Podcast - Week ending November 30
The demise of the VCR, Dad's porn collection, noisy toys and charities.

Dave and Camille Weekly Podcast - Week ending December 6
Ali Williams, the Proclaimers, Tiger jokes, NZ's best movie and the edited Jason Alexander.

Note: On Monday, I'll post the unedited 11 minutes we got from Jason Alexander...

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