Respect for old technology

My wife wanted to buy a typewriter and to be fair, we all thought she was mad at first. The she explained how a typewriter differs from a PC and the problem is the screen.

Screens, no matter what they're attached to, suck you in and make you oblivious to what is around you.

Every tried talking to someone who is texting? On Facebook? Watching telly? We've all been the screen addict and we've all been half listened to by someone who thinks that what's on the screen is more important than the face to face contact being sought. As far as transgressions into rudeness go, this is on the lower end of the scale but it does happen a lot.

So she found an electric typewriter circa 1984 on Trade Me, brought it home, started using it and it crapped out after half a page. Through research we found that the ribbons are no longer available and Anna had a $40 doorstop. Bit of bad luck that.

Then, she posted a note on the noticeboard in New World asking for a typewriter and the next thing you know, the phone rings and a lady wants to sell off her typewriter that's been used a total of twice and here it is!

Note that it's totally mechanical, doesn't need power and is actually quite handsome!


  1. sexy - I started my writing career on a manual typewriter... I think that's why I'm a bit rough on computer keyboards...POUND POUND POUND!!!

  2. Me too - remember when those new fandangled computer things came in Gareth? Didn't quite see the point at the time when you could just as easily clunk out something and fax it off to the client (making sure the twink was dry first of course...)

  3. I recall my mum's old typewriter - which she's still got, but can't use now becoz of arthritis. I'd be amazed if ribbons existed for it!
    And then there was the electric one with the "golf ball" typesetting!!!

  4. Ahhh, the ol' grey matter has finally kick-started: mum's machine is an ancient 'Imperial 64'!